Building an environment for our community.

PRIME+ Capital Campaign is an initiative of the Berkshire Educational Foundation to raise additional funds for the athletic facilities, the arts, and technology. Our goal is to raise an additional $8 million dollars through private donations in order to provide top-notch resources and facilities for our kids.

Established in 2017, Berkshire Educational Foundation is a (170(c)1) that exists to provide financial support to the students, staff, and facilities of the Berkshire School District. It’s no secret that much of what is required to provide a well-rounded, academic experience is not covered by tax dollars. Additional funds are needed to support our students, our curriculum, our new educational and athletic campus, and our teachers. The Berkshire Educational Foundation was formed to fill in those gaps.

For more information on the PRIME+ Capital Campaign and how you can help with this legacy project, please email or talk to a member of the Foundation.

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